Why “More Than Grand Rounds”?

Greetings new readers. Welcome to this blog that’s been a long time in the cogitation process, and has finally taken shape.

Having been thrust, kicking and screaming, with no warning whatsoever, into the dysfunction of American healthcare in the summer of 2004, I have spent these intervening years learning everything I can about the system, how the dysfunction has evolved, and then translating it to patients.

I don’t have to tell you about the frustrations. As a medical provider, you have chosen a helping, caring profession, only to learn that you must help and care with at least one arm tied behind your back. You’ve been forced to shift your career’s focus from the practice of medicine to a focus on business. Without that emphasis, you can’t stay in the business of helping and caring.

And what is your patients’ point of view? They are frustrated like you are. But they are confused, too. They’ve been raised in the land of benevolent, paternalistic medical care. Not understanding your contraints, but experiencing (what they see as) too little time with you at too steep a cost, most patients have become defensive and no longer look to you in the same trustful manner they used to. We patients have just begun to realize that Marcus Welby has left the building.

Clearly, all the rules have changed. Neither patients nor professionals are happy.

So that’s what this blog is about. My “day job” is advocating for patients. With this blog, I will help you understand your patients’ points of view, but I’ll do so within the framework of what I have learned about YOUR point of view. Here are some objectives:

  • To create more collaborative relationships between providers and patients
  • To translate a patient’s point of view to help you improve your practice
  • To help you run your practice of medicine more efficiently (save time and money) and effectively (better outcomes for you and your patients)

A tall order, don’t you think?

At all times, I welcome your ideas, your arguments, and your agreements. I have earned the respect I have earned because I listen and learn. I look forward to discourse over time.

Grand Rounds have helped you learn the nuts and bolts of your medical practice. As you can see, this will be far More Than Grand Rounds.


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